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Bargain! Fully furnished charming 1 bedroom apartment in Konyaalti

Are you looking to find a bargain Antalya ?You just found one! Take a look at this nicely furnished 1 bedroom apartment close to beach in Antalya.

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  • Absolute Luxury in Incomparable Bahçelievler
    Absolute Luxury in Incomparable Bahçelievler

    CENTER / Antalya

    2 Bedroom

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    New Project in Antalya close to Airport and Lara neighborhood
    New Project in Antalya close to Airport and Lara neighborhood

    KUNDU / Antalya

    1 Bedroom

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    Contemporary design new project in centre of Antalya
    Contemporary design new project in centre of Antalya

    CENTER / Antalya

    1 Bedroom

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  • Bargain! Fully furnished charming 1 bedroom apartment in Konyaalti
    Bargain! Fully furnished charming 1 bedroom apartment in Konyaalti

    KONYAALTI / Antalya

    1 Bedroom

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    READY to move in complex with very affordable selling price in Antalya
    READY to move in complex with very affordable selling price in Antalya

    CENTER / Antalya

    1 Bedroom

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Get to Know More About Antalya
  • Popular Beaches in Antalya

    Konyaalti Beach
    Lara Beach
    Kaputas Beach

  • Avarage for Summer
    28 °C
    Avarage for Winter
    14 °C

  • Places to See in Antalya

    Düden Water falls
    Konyaaltı Beach

  • Things to do in Antalya

    Visiting Kaleici
    Shopping in Terracity
    Walking in Lara Seaside
    Visit Marina
    Visit World’s Biggest Tunnel Aquarium

  • Thank you so much for all your efforts in
    finding my home in Antalya...

    Laura K.

  • Best Restaurants in Antalya

    Big Chefs
    Club Arma
    Vanilla Lounge
    Güneyliler Restaurant
    Tavacı Recep Usta

Buying Property in Antalya

Are you ready to buy property in Antalya? If so, you’re in luck! Capitol Estate is the authority go-to resource for foreigners buying Antalya Real Estate!

Surround yourself with Roman and Ottoman ruins as you indulge in luxury shopping centers, beaches along the turquoise coast, and the best gourmet cuisine. Our professionals will find you apartments for sale in Antalya, houses for sale in Antalya, or even villas in Antalya.

Antalya property varies from expensive to cheap and when you live here, you become a part of this rich and beautiful city.

Antalya is the “gateway to the Turkish Riviera” and the capital of tourism in Turkey. It’s no surprise that millions of visitors come to Antalya considering the conveniently located Antalya Airport that provides flights to over 30 countries and welcomes more than 12 million tourists annually. Traveling in and out of Antalya is so easy and foreign investors love this! Read more

While Antalya is not as busy as other Turkish holiday destinations, it’s still a big city filled with wonderful experiences. There is a very relaxed and authentic feeling in Antalya which everyone who visits finds delightful.

If you are looking for luxury, Europe’s most expensive hotel, Mardan Palace, is located here. Can you see yourself spending days indulging in resort services like gourmet food, spa and wellness programs, and boutique shopping?

For those who prefer to immerse themselves in rich Mediterranean and Aegean culture, Kaleiçi (the old quarter) is filled with captivating brick alleys and mysterious streets that are lined by beautiful old buildings that host unique shops. You’ll want to explore the ancient Hadrianus Gate built by the Romans and find a table at a cafe along the harbor overlooking picturesque boats and mountains as you drink a cold Effes or peach juice in the summer heat.

Along with bazaar and street shops, Antalya has modern high end shopping centers that delight even the most discerning shopper!

Families delight in visiting the world's biggest tunnel aquarium at Antalya aquarium, the Aktur Park full of amusement park offerings, and the impressive Antalya Aquapark where everyone can play and enjoy rides to keep busy.

Lara Beach and Konyaaltı Beach are wonderful destinations to relax in the sun or enjoy watersports! And if you love natural beauty Antalya features stunning waterfalls that you can take a boat cruise to.

With 300 days of sunshine a year on average, there’s always something to be happy about in Antalya.

The nights are also exciting though, with an excellent bar and nightlife scene and boardwalks on the beaches and harbors, you can find entertainment around the clock in Antalya.

Antalya view from the famous Falez
Antalya Real Estate offers great value for Money
Antalya Real Estate Market

Around 30% of the 20,000 foreign residents in Antalya are Russian and German although the British, Dutch, and Danish are also highly represented. Antalya is home to the Antalya International University which also draws many foreigners to invest or move here. Antalya Real Estate offers incredible opportunity for return on investment, averaging up to up to 8% for premium luxury Antalya property. Over the last decade it’s been amazing to watch prices on property in Antalya increase over 100%. It’s easy to understand the probability of a secure investment in Antalya as this city continues to grow with locals and tourists due to it’s premium location and amenities.

One of the most important considerations you will make when looking for property in Antalya is what neighborhood you will invest in. It’s important to understand what each area of Antalya offers you. Do you want Antalya property close to gourmet cuisine and luxury sea views or do you like street food and a vibrant nightlife? If you want to find cheap or luxury property in Antalya call Capitol Estate for a personalized guide to help you navigate the Antalya Real Estate market. We can help you find the best place in Antalya to buy your new home!

Antalya Property Locations On Map
Antalya Property Locations On Map
Antalya Luxury Property

Antalya is a rich city - rich with history and rich with luxury. If you’re looking for the best of the best, Antalya has many options for you. Antalya Real Estate is full of custom build options with sea views and the best modern luxury finishes. If you prefer exclusive and private housing, penthouses in Antalya and apartment penthouses are stunning. Expansive and updated homes for sale in Antalya in the luxury price range are readily available. To ensure you find the best Antalya property to fit your high standards, call our experts at Capitol Estate today.

Antalya Cheap Property

If you are looking for cheap bargain property along the turquoise coast then Antalya Real Estate is for you! While Antalya is Turkey’s tourism capital it’s also a city filled with natives which means that along with luxury tourist resorts Antalya property is geared toward investors. You can find many choices of houses for sale in Antalya and apartments for sale in Antalya. Since you will have so many options for cheap property it’s best to work with an expert who understands the Antalya Real Estate market. Call Capitol Estate to start your search for cheap Antalya property now.

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Property for sale in Antalya with affordable price

Houses For Sale In Antalya

Houses for sale in Antalya range from luxury to cheap and affordable. Our Capitol Estate professionals understand the Antalya Real Estate market and have many connections across the city. Because of this, Capitol Estate is an authority on helping investors find the best houses for sale in Antalya. We can help you navigate your many housing options and find you the best Antalya property for sale!

Apartments For Sale In Antalya

In Antalya, apartments are incredibly popular with investors and locals! With a rapidly increasing population new developments are being built to keep up with demand. Apartments for sale in Antalya are wonderful and varied - you can find developments with shared pools, on site shops, and fitness centers. Apartments in the Antalya Real Estate market also offer deluxe luxury penthouses. Our expert Antalya Real Estate agents know every corner of the city and can help you find the best apartments for sale in Antalya. No matter what area of the city you buy in, Antalya offers excellent public transportation so you are connected to everything this city offers.

Villas in Antalya

The Antalya Real Estate market is rich with options for buyers looking for villas! Villas in Antalya are ideal for anyone looking for luxury and charm. Our Capitol Estate experts can find you new exclusive villas from top developers or cheap resale villas if you want Antalya property for a bargain. Your most important decision is going to be choosing which exciting area of Antalya is best for you - will you buy close to one of the sandy beaches or the charismatic old town? Call our professional Real Estate Agents today to learn more!

Hotel for sale in Antalya

Antalya is the capital of Tourism in Turkey and is home to most luxury hotels in entire Europe. Capitol Estate offers services for the investors who are looking to buy a hotel in Antalya region. Contact us today to learn more about Antalya hotel offers.





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