Is Turkey a safe country?

That is one of the most recurring questions asked and is no doubt a fairly legitimate question to ask prior to purchasing a property and/or coming on holidays.

Turkey is no different than most countries in the world, and surely has it bits of issues. It would be lying to say that Turkey is a calm country as Switzerland, or a country raged in war as other middle eastern countries.

To get a closer look, it might help to compare Turkey with other countries.

Numbeo, an authority site, gives the following stats:

Crime rate in London (UK) (Crime Index: 57,10) is higher than Istanbul  (Crime Index: 48,30)

Note: both cities are listed as “Moderate” on Crime related risks.


No need to say that this is a comparison between two major cities in the world, and smaller locations are way more stable and safer.


To make a long story short, Turkey is a stable and safe country, where day-to-day living has no major risks when compared with any other developed countries in the world.


Just blend in and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer without any fear, and believe us, you will not regret it.

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