How Does Property Ownership Work in Turkey for foreigners?

The basic answer to this question is: If you have the right to buy a property in Turkey, ownership rights are exactly the same for both Turkish citizens and non-Turkish citizens.

The first thing to know is that Turkish properties are Freehold, meaning that once you own it, you have %100 right on it (contrary to Leasehold, where, for example as in some countries like Dubai etc. you actually own the rights of the property for a certain time – 49 years, 99 years etc..)

When your purchase is fully paid, the Seller will deliver the rights of the property to you, and a new TAPU (title deed, click here for a picture of a sample TAPU) will be issued on your name. Once the TAPU registered on your name, you now own all the rights on the property, i.e you can sell it back anytime you want, rent it as much as you want, and as long as you want, keep it for life, donate it, use it for a loan, in short, the property is yours and free to you to make whatever you want with it.

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