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Where to Buy Property in Turkey? Detailed Review of Popular Locations!

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Where to Buy Property in Turkey? Detailed Review of Popular Locations!


You may know, or maybe never heard of it, so no harm in reminding you the very primordial rule of buying a property, not only in Turkey, but even in your own country: 


To be sure about the location, is the first and easiest way to make sure to have no regrets, so always, always make a proper location search, and we will try here to give you some basic information on how to make a proper location search when buying a property in Turkey.

Turkey is a vast country, and there is surely a location that will match your requirements.

You may know exactly in which city you want to buy (Excellent, that will make things just a bit easier) or have absolutely no clue (No Worries, this is exactly what this tutorial is for), or maybe have a broad idea of where you want to buy in Turkey, but are open minded to suggestions (Perfect, keep on reading than).

Before choosing the right location, you must answer one very simple question:

Are you looking for a holiday home, or are you more interested on the investment side?

The answer to this question will sensibly change our recommendations; so make sure to have it ready with you!

Let’s start our recommendations for those among you looking for their ideal holiday home under the sun!

Now that you have made your decision to buy a property under the warm Turkish sun, where to spend some well deserved holidays with your family and friends, its time to check which coastal holiday town will better suit your requirements!

Best locations for sunny holidays are no secret in Turkey:

The Aegean or the Mediterranean coast are your best locations!

However, before starting just some brief info to give you an idea of how huge Turkey is!

8333 KM!

That’s the total length of coast Turkey has to the sea, from up north Black sea, to down south the Mediterranean

2805 KM!

Coast to the Aegean Sea

1577 KM!

Coast to the Mediterranean


Number of Airports on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, of which 5 with International arrival and departures (İzmir, Bodrum, Dalaman,Antalya, Gazipaşa) and 1 listed as the second busiest airport in Turkey (Antalya)


Number of marinas on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast (private and public)

Popular holiday hotspots on the Aegean Coast

  • Bodrum
  • Fethiye
  • Çeşme
  • Marmaris
  • Kuşadası

Popular holiday hotspots on the Mediterranean coast

  • Alanya
  • Antalya
  • Belek
  • Side
  • Kalkan and Kaş

So, if you still are not quite sure of where to buy property in Turkey , you know at least now that you have plenty of options

Lets check briefly some of the most popular locations in Turkey one by one such to give you an idea of what they are really about:

'' BODRUM ''




Bodrum is home to the International Milas-Bodrum Airport, approximately 30 mins from the city center. Although quite an enjoyable airport, with many flights from and to Europe, the only current downside is the fact that international flights are only seasonal (summer season) with even very few domestic flights during winter. 

If you do not intend to frequently use your property all year round, and mostly during summer, than no worries, Bodrum is highly recommended

Cost of Living: 

Bodrum is a popular location, not only for foreigners, but also locally. Thanks to its popularity, life in Bodrum comes with a higher cost when compared with other locations. While you’ll always find your way to keep your budget for sure, get ready for some extras when the occasion shows up. 

Money is not an issue, you are ready to spend your days in the most popular beach clubs of Turkey, shop and dine to your taste, than, don’t think twice, Bodrum may very well be your ideal destination.

Local Transport: 

Bodrum has an excellent local transport infrastructure. You property will rarely be too far away from a bus stop, and you may catch from the city centre a “minibus” as the locals call it to take you almost anywhere on the peninsula at a more than affordable cost. 

Taxis are available 24/7 and make sure to either negotiate a bit before taking it or have an idea of how much approximately your travel will cost you to avoid any surprise.


Bodrum is a brand to its own, locals loves it, foreigners love it, and you can rest assured that the character of Bodrum right from day one will embrace you. Nice restaurants all over the town, trendy bars and clubs, beach clubs, art galleries, beautiful small bays where to spend the whole day. 

If lifestyle matters to you, than Bodrum is definitely a location to seriously consider.

Cost of Property: 

Should we say it again: Bodrum is a popular location with very limited offer of new properties for sale thanks to very tough construction laws applied in the peninsula. Most properties in Bodrum which are on the market are resale, and come with a sensibly high price. 

New projects are extremely valuable and come with a price tag as expected from them. Let’s not turn around the truth: Bodrum is probably the most expensive location where to buy your holiday property. As the old adage says, quality comes at a cost, and Bodrum is a good definition for it.




The closest airport to Fethiye is the International Dalaman Airport. Located at ~60 KM from the city center, the access from and to the airport is quite comfortable and booking a transfer service is quite common. 

However, Dalaman Airport is mostly a summer airport, meaning that international flights are to be found only during the summer season, other than which you will need a domestic connection to reach the city. If you intend to mostly use your property during summer season, than no worries, many international charters and flag carriers from around the world serve Dalaman Airport.

Cost of Living:

Fethiye may be considered as an affordable holiday hotspots where to spend holidays. Life is easy and calm around Fethiye, and everyone can find a way to keep thing within the budget. Nice beaches and boat trips are within the average, and shopping for daily goods does not much differ from other popular locations. If staying within the budget matters to you, Fethiye is a safe bet, and offers few surprises.

Local Transport: 

As in every small holiday hotspot, Fethiye is also home to a fairly good local transport infrastructure. Bus and small Minibus are easy to catch, very affordable, and will take you almost everywhere around Fethiye quite easily. Renting a car is also quite easy and highly recommended, and taxis are also abundant and ready to take you anywhere 7/24.


Fethiye is all about easy and peaceful holidays, amazing and breathtaking nature, plenty of bays and small beaches to visit. However, Fethiye is not exactly an all year round destination, meaning that life during winter period can be pretty isolated, with most of shops and restaurants closed, and concentrated to a few open facilities. 

If you don’t mind quietness and want to enjoy the amazing nature and clean air during winter, than there is not too much to worry for that period.

Cost of property: 

Fethiye and its surroundings have very strict regulations when it comes to construction. New licenses are very rare, and the city is close to its limit where construction is allowed. The inevitably natural effect of strict regulations is a high price tag on properties, and offers on the market are largely dominated by resale properties with very few new projects.You can take a look at the most popular properties for sale in Fethiye on our website.




Antalya is home to the second busiest airport in Turkey, open all year round and with flights from and to all major cities in the world. So to catch a flight and come to Antalya is not a question to be worried about.

Cost of Living: 

Antalya is the 9th largest city in Turkey, with a population surpassing 1 million. Antalya is also referred as the touristic capital of Turkey, making life a bit more expensive than the average. However Antalya being a major city, it also offers a wide range of opportunities of shops, malls, bars and restaurants good for all budgets. With time spend in the city, you will definitely find your places.

Local Transport:

Antalya is a city, and offers everything that a major city has to offer, with even a subway coming soon.


Antalya is a popular city, it is a major city where those looking for lifestyle will definitely find something worth to their requirements: shopping malls with all major brands, luxury retailers, high end jewelries, beach clubs and fine dining are all there waiting for the aficionados.

Cost of property:

Antalya has definitely something to offer for all kind of expectations. Luxury and prime location, as well as more affordable but still quite descent properties are all within reach. However, the city being not only popular with tourists but also with locals as well, antalya property prices are considered to be a glitch above the average.

'' ALANYA ''




There are 2 Airports serving Alanya: Antalya Airport (~1h drive to the city centre) and Gazipaşa Airport (less than ½ hour to the city centre). Antalya Airport is the second busiest airport of Turkey (right after Istanbul Atatürk Airport) and open all year round. Gazipaşa is the newly opened and constantly growing local airport of Alanya. However, we should note that Gazipaşa Airport is open to international arrivals and departures only during the summer season starting in mid-april, terminating in October.

Cost of Living:

Alanya is a hot hot touristic landing destination so get ready for prices standing slightly above the average, but no worries, no big surprises around the corner. 

Alanya is a great location offering something for every budget and every taste, so you can rest assured that you’ll find your marks easily, even if you have to gain your bearings first.

Local Transport:

Local transport infrastructure is probably one of this locations strongest point. Bus stops are almost everywhere, and although the frequency of buses slows down during the winter season, you can rest assured that you can catch one without having to wait too long any time of the year. 

Renting a car is a piece of cake, but it is strongly advised to check for several options first before deciding which one is the most financially wise. As for the taxi, well as in every holiday location, make sure to bargain first before taking it.


Alanya has long been a popular affordable touristic landing location, however with the increasing number of luxury projects built the last several years and the increasing demand from home owners for better quality infrastructure, Alanya has started to comply with this demand. 

Every new season a new fine dining restaurant or high-end beach clubs enters the game and helps the overall lifestyle quality to increase. This said, Alanya has still a lot to do before being considered as a prime location offering upper lifestyle.

Cost of Property:

Alanya is probably the holiday location where you will get the most for your money. Thanks to its huge built up area, and few restrictions regarding new developments, offer easily meet (and even sometimes) exceed demand. If budget matters, Alanya is strongly advised for everyone looking a bargain, good quality holiday home in Turkey .

'' SİDE ''



Side stands less than 45 mins south from the Antalya International Airport, and surely uses this proximity to its advantage. Right after less than 50 mins drive after landing, you are home! Booking a transfer is a commonly used way to reach the city, while a car can easily be rented at the airport. Local buses also make the trip to the city.

Cost of living: 

Side is a lovely and small holiday town. Lively during the summer, the city is quite calm during the winter season. Most of local businesses focus on the high season to make a revenue, which in return increase the prices considerably when compared with other year-round living close holiday towns such as Alanya.

Local Transport: 

Being a small city has its advantages for sure if you are ready to spend your stay with what the city has to offer, but things change if you want to enlarge your living area. Although a local transport exists and is fairly good and affordable, it may get sometimes annoying to have to wait long time before catching the next bus. 

However renting a car, or even buying or renting a bicycle is strongly recommended and of course very easy to do.


Side is a popular town, and a much visited city by daily tourists coming to visit the impressive Apollo Temple. However, the town mainly consists of a small harbor, a few nice pubs and restaurants and much the same for beaches. 

To talk about an active social life is a bit difficult, and life is much more centered around the calm holiday spirit, and gathering around friends and small communities.

Cost of Property: 

Side is another location where built up area is extremely limited, and new projects mostly built far from the town center. Although the vast majority of new projects comes with a good quality of built and size, quite stylish and with a high standard, prices are comparatively high.

To have an idea of what you can get for your money , you can check the latest properties for sale in Side from our website.

'' BELEK ''



25 Mins. That’s the time you need to reach the city from the Antalya Airport. Add to this another 20 mins to wear your swimsuit and reach the nearest beach if you are in a hurry to let yourself to the Mediterranean sea.

Cost of Living:

Belek is the golf capital of Turkey, and who says golf says prices above the average. Belek in itself is a major touristic landing location, however what makes much of its popularity (after golfing) are the 5 star hotels, and not quite the city itself. If you never visited Belek, you need to know that it’s a very small town, with a quite restricted social life, mostly because of its proximity to Antalya which has almost everything to offer at less than half an hour drive.

Local Transport:

A small town like Belek is unfortunately not a town with a solid local transport infrastructure. To circulate within the city doesn’t quite necessitate it and a rental car and/or even a bicycle will do the trick for you. To drive to Antalya is quite easy and enjoyable, with of course many buses to take you there anytime of the year at your easy reach.


Belek means golf in Turkey, and golf in Turkey means Belek. The equation goes hardly beyond that. Belek is home to 1 private golf course, with all the others managed by the ultra luxury 5 star hotels. The hotels monopolize the first line of the city, and only 2 beaches managed by the municipality. The town center has a few restaurants and bars, small shops and not quite a social life going beyond that.

Cost of property:

Property in Belek costs above the average, that’s a clear point. The main reason is of course the restricted built up area, restrictions to size of buildings, which directly is reflected on prices. All new projects are located on the second line, the first line being allocated to ultra luxury hotels.

These are a short description of the most popular holiday home destinations where the majority of overseas property buyers have bought and keep on finding their ideal holiday home.

We have listed some of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, however have left THE most touristic city in Turkey for the last: 




To call Istanbul a city will not be good enough to describe this mega-city. Just a few numbers to put you in the mood:

Istanbul is not only the largest city in Turkey, but almost a country within the country, living, breathing, enjoying life following its own principles and styles, where life never stops, where energy is at its full, where cultural diversity is at its top, in short Istanbul is much more than a city!

The dynamism of Istanbul reflects itself among the ever increasing number of overseas property buyers willing to enjoy all that this magnificent city has to offer.

Overseas homebuyers can be split into 2:

  • Those looking for a safe real estate investment
  • Those looking for a holiday home

Real estate is literally booming in Istanbul. 

The reason is not because of overseas property buyers, but a new generation of Turkish property buyers getting richer and willing to take this opportunity in order to own their very own house.

Starting from early 2000’s, Turkish economy grew considerably, with annual rates reaching 7-8%, and spreading prosperity and low interest rates led to an unprecedented boom in real estate, with no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future.

Wise international property investors didn’t loose time in catching this train, where property prices rose over 10-15% year to year, with even picks at 20%.

Istanbul has been, and still is listed among the top 5 locations where to invest in real estate! No worries the market is still at its infancy and the train is still at reach for all wise investors.

Istanbul is not only a safe bet for investors but surely a location to consider for everyone looking for a bargain holiday property in the most dynamic city of Turkey.

If holiday means more to you than just sea and sun, which actually are advantages that Istanbul also has to offer, than why not Istanbul?

Prices are still at very affordable levels, projects are abundant, local transport infrastructure is quite good (and getting better each and every year thanks to the expanding metro lines), and you should not forget that Istanbul is not only a financial capital, but also a city with many festivals, museums, independent art galleries and so much more.

All and all Istanbul is surely a location to visit, if you still haven’t seen it yet, a city where life never stops, where you feel the dynamism of a megacity, where you get instantly embraced by the mystic character of the surroundings, and where a pied-a-terre will let you to enjoy it without limits.

If you want to know what you can get for your money in istanbul, take a look at the latest istanbul real estate offers from our website.

We hope this guide helps you to make a good decision on where to buy property in Turkey , should you need any help from our sales team you can give us a 

call on 0090 242 522 22 66  or  email us at

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