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A Great Project Worth the Look - Emerald Towers

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A Great Project Worth the Look - Emerald Towers

It’s Thursday, and Ahmet and I feel like today is a great day to work on our first blog post, which we decide to call “The Editor’s Pick of the Week”.

The idea is quite simple actually:

We pick a property on our portfolio, and do a thorough investigation about it. In clear, we put ourselves into our Client’s place, describe the property,    but also the journey, the location, the details as well as the feeling, as if we were seeing the property for the first time ever.

That is a challenge for us, since we dear each and every project on our portfolio.

But, anyway, challenge accepted.


  • An informative description of the location where the project is located and how to reach it
  • A detailled depiction of the site, full information on the facilities in the project, assisted with pictures
  • In depth explanation of a specific apartment within the project, analysis and honest impressions about the property itself
  • A quick summary and our last notes about the project and its surroundings


We start to brainstorm with Ahmet (Who, for those of you who don't know him, is our Business Development Manager in Alanya, and probably the best property scout around here) about what would be the best project to start with. I, personally, prefer to go and check something I have not seen before. I think that it would force me into better analyzing the property. On the other side Ahmet thinks that seeing a project we already know will help us to better check it since we know pretty much everything about it.

It doesn’t take us long before finding the right project to start with. We decide that Emerald Tower is the perfect pitch. 

Emerald Tower Alanya

Emerald Tower Alanya is a project, which we have known since the beginning of its construction, but have never seen when completed. Since the project has been completed just a few weeks ago, it was an ideal choice, mixing both my opinion and Ahmet’s.

We decide to investigate a 2 Bedroom apartment, and leave the other type of apartments for another blog.
Decision taken, we head up to Avsallar


Property in Alanya

It’s 2.00 p.m, the weather is excellent, nice blue sky, deep blue sea..It’s almost as if summer didn’t wanted to leave Alanya, and give it’s time for winter to come (However I must say that it gets a bit chilly by night).

Just some few words about Avsallar before we leave:

Avsallar is a small town attached to Alanya Municipality, on the west side of the city. For those coming from the Antalya International Airport, you will reach Avsallar first, before Alanya. For those using the Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport, you will pass Alanya, head towards Antalya, and reach Avsallar.

Avsallar has come into the spotlights only a few years ago, when one of the largest construction companies started a new project there. Until a few year ago, this small town was known mostly for its Hotels, and some few private villas spread around the city. All and all, Avsallar residential character started to be built only a few years ago.

The town in itself is still under developed when compared with the city centre, but also with other districts such as Mahmutlar, Oba and a few others.

What makes it interesting from a property point of view I hear you say.

Well, prices actually.

Property prices are quite challenging when compared with other areas. Land prices still being low, this reflects itself directly in the property prices.

Another advantage of this location is the vastness of it. Developers found there the opportunity to build large projects, put in it many facilities without the constraints of getting over-built.

I will try to describe the town later on, so now let’s get back to our journey.

We are fully ready and head up with Ahmet to Avsallar and more especially to Emerald Towers.


Property for sale in Avsallar

This is our ride for today, and also happens to be like the spoiled child among the other cars in the Company since everyone loves it :)

In order to reach Avsallar, we pass Konaklı first, Payallar, Türkler and finally we arrive to Avsallar.

It takes us exactly 23 minutes to reach the project from the moment we leave Alanya (add to this another +/- 25 minutes if you are coming from the Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport)

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Avsallar is on the west side of Alanya, so we need to take the tunnels at the entrance of Alanya, do some driving (which actually is nice and pleasant with constant sea views on your left side) and finally arrive to Avsallar

We take the short cut to go to the project, rather than the long one from the town centre.

It’s amazing to see all these new projects, which started only just a few years ago, and now all completed and ready to move.

Emerald Towers Avsallar is approximately 1 km inside, and the road leading to it is quite easy and well finished. The project itself is not one of those you can see from far behind, being built behind another old complex.

And here it is. The project appears at the last moment to our eyes.

My first impression

I like it actually. I always liked projects completed as described on the visuals. Sometimes developers tend to do this or that changes during the construction, either for aesthetical reasons or technical ones. Anyway, Emerald Tower at first look seems identical to the 3D Pictures distributed by the same Company.

Before going further, a few words about Emerald Towers

Emerald Towers is a 2 block holiday complex, with various types of apartments, including 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouses. The complex comprises in total 104 apartments.

Emerald Towers stands on a residential quarter of the town, with almost 90% of all the neighbourhood built in the last few years. So it wont be wrong to call it a fairly fresh part of the city.

The entrance of the complex is fancy, a security post and automated car entrance leaves a good impression.


Emerald Towers Alanya

On the other side of the street, facing the entrance, a primary school, and we happen to come right during the break where students are on a break and playing outside. A bit noisy, but well, it always cheers me up to hear children playing.


Alanya School
I feel OK with the location in itself. Not too crowdie, not too left alone. We know for a fact that 2 new projects are planned to start soon in the same area, which will add some more live action in the near future.

We enter the site after checking with the security (they know us and our Company very well), and we decide to tour the exterior first.

I feel as if I was entering a hotel, rather than a complex. Is it disturbing? Personally, not really, I think I would get used to this quite quickly.

Other first details catching my attention are the security cameras installed at the entrance and at the parking place. Although I know that the area as a whole is quite safe, I like the idea to have cameras installed within the complex.

There is an open parking place, good enough for 7 or 8 cars. I am thinking if that would be enough, fearing that it might be a bit insufficient for so many apartments. However, on the other side, I should say that %90 of all apartments are owned by international Clients, rarely owning a car, and usually either renting one or using communal transports to come and go to the site.

This said, I think that I would definitely rent a car if I was to live here, and if 10 or more neighbors would do the same during my summer holiday, the parking place would definitely not be enough.

I decide that it is good to have an open parking place, and considering that street parking is free, I think it is not worth staying too much on that point.

Bicycle park, check…Still a bit modest to my taste, but well, I know that I can park my bike nearly anywhere on site without the fear that it will get stolen.


Alanya Property

A pergola on the back corner. Although I never quite use it, I often witnessed kids and teenagers spending time there with friends, and always think as a plus when I see it on site.


Property in Avsallar

We are now on the front side of the complex

The garden is well maintained, and well used, but it is also quite cramped to my taste. No playing on the grass here. It is appealing decoratively, well to the eyes, but no place there to get a tanning.

Apartment for sale in Alanya

The garden is full of machines and I start to wonder why there are so many of them.These leads me to check all these machines spread around the site. Visually, not that attractive… but I am also interested in knowing why they are there for. I know that there is a SPA inside, let’s wait and see.

Next is a restaurant, with sitting both outside and inside. I am not used to see restaurants on relatively small complexes like this one, but I think that the simple idea of knowing that there is a place right down my apartment where I can eat during lazy nights is good enough (No, we unfortunately couldn’t taste anything since it was closed on time of visit)


Property for sale in Avsallar

The swimming pool area seems detached from the complex. We need to take some stairs to reach the outdoor swimming pool.

The access to the outdoor swimming pool is not handicap friendly; I think that it would have been nice to think about this when planning.

Property in Turkey

The outdoor swimming pool is well sized, tanning beds already installed. I check the water, and although a bit cold to my taste, the brave ones could easily enjoy it even in November.

I notice a swimming pool for children, separated from the main one. I like this, I think that it is always better to separate it from the main swimming pool, for both safety and cleanliness reasons.

I see the slides that are looking absolutely super fun. However, I don’t like the fact that they fall into the main swimming pool. Although I notice that the design tries to “separate” it from the main pool area, I still would have preferred that the slides had their own completely separate pool.

I check the bar installed. I always liked this idea of having a bar close to the swimming pool for refreshment. Well designed, fitting with the décor. That is definitely a plus.

I start to take some time looking at the surrounding and views of the pool area. To be quite honest, I am not really impressed with the views. Not that it is disturbing, or even annoying, but there is really nothing special that catches my attention.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

At the end of the day, I check if I get the sun, and even at the midst of winter, she is right on top and that’s basically all that matters.

All and all, I start to think that the outdoor swimming pool area is good enough for swimming, when empty or when sharing with others with the same goal, or good for getting refreshed when full.

When leaving the swimming pool area, the gate walls attract my attention. I know for a fact that the complex is new, but the poor paint job is something you can’t miss. That is probably due to rainwaters infiltrating the walls and damaging the paint. It is not a big deal, but well, I would have expected the reparations to be done quickly. I think that they are waiting for the humidity to dry before working on it.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Time to continue our visit of the exterior.

When living the swimming pool area, a children playground is the next outdoor facility that catches our attention. It is not Disneyland, but still good enough. I am sure many parents would appreciate a corner for their kids.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

There is even a Kids Club. I try to enter, but doors are locked.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

On the far corner, a massive generator has been installed.

Visually not quite attractive, but the simple fact to know that there is a generator is something I care about.

The area is newly developing, and one should expect electricity shortages. On the other side, when it rains in Alanya, it really rains heavily, and electricity cuts happens regularly on poor weather. All and all, I don’t care about the visual, and appreciate that the developer has installed a massive one.

As a note, considering that the generator stands quite close to the building, I start to think that property owners living on the first floor will be quite annoyed by the noise when it works.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

We are done with the exterior of the project. Time to take a look to the interior of Emerald Tower starting with the SPA and Fitness Area.

The SPA&Fitness area has been built under both blocks. There are entrances on both the front and backside of the buildings (The main entrance being on the back side)

Emerald Towers Avsallar

My first impressions? I like it actually..

It is clear that the developer has invested in the décor, quality in materials, attention in details.

There are 7 distinct areas; all separated one from the other with glass walls;

  • The indoor swimming pool area
  • The fitness area
  • The Turkish bath and Sauna&Steam Room area
  • The Game room
  • Massage Rooms
  • Restaurant Area
  • Management Office

I decide to start with the Indoor Swimming Pool area.

I always had a positive feeling for complex with indoor swimming pools. Living permanently in Alanya, and a great fan of swimming, I always liked the idea of having an indoor swimming pool to be used during winter times.

The indoor swimming pool in this complex is, well, a bit of a disappointment to me. Approximately 11mt to 3 mt, the swimming pool is more looking like a large bathtub rather than a proper indoor swimming pool where to swim. The area itself is nicely decorated, but I don’t see more than 2 people swimming in it at once.

In short, I start to think that the pool has been built for those who would like to refresh after making some sauna or steam room relaxation.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

My next stop is the game room.

Once again, I like the decoration and the ambiance. There is one pool table, ping pong table and….2 High definition TVs each with their own Playstation 4 gaming platforms.

I have often seen game rooms, some with TVs installed, but never ones that actually put straight forward the gaming platforms. That’s definitely something I like.

The complex being newly built and completed all materials are also new, pool table well maintained (even the cues are quite nice).

Emerald Towers Avsallar

All and all, what I see is a nice and practical Game – Chilling Room. Mostly designed for teenagers and young people, I am sure this room will quickly become one of the most popular areas in the complex.

Next stop, the Turkish Bath area.

The entrance has been designed such that you feel directly yourself relaxed. Large beds, comfy decoration, soft reddish lightning (with chandeliers)

Emerald Towers Avsallar

On my right, the Turkish Bath (Hamam in Turkish)

The area is actually looking nice, not more and not less than what you would expect from a typical Turkish bath. Great lightning, marble, enough space between fountains for several persons to use the area without getting each on top of the other. I like it.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Next a look to the steam room:

Looking good, not a big one, but good enough for 4-5 people to use it comfortably.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

And last, the sauna:

Also looking good, big enough for 3-4 persons to use it comfortably

Emerald Towers Avsallar

I am fairly satisfied with the Turkish bath area. Well designed, it is clear that the developer has invested here for the comfort of the owners.

I am heading now to the fitness centre.

My first impression is that it looks a bit small. It is clear that all the machines installed are from a good quality, but I cant stop thinking if that is enough for such a complex.

2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, 2 upright bikes, 1 multifunction training machine, and a dumbbell set.

The question comes again: would that be enough if more than 3 persons at once were to use the fitness area?

I like the fact that essentials are there, and when alone, I know that I can work out without any problem. However, I start to think if that would be the same during summer season where most of property owners are coming to spend their holidays. That, I am not sure..

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Time to take a quick look to the Massage Rooms.

There are 2 massage rooms in the complex, both identical. All the essentials are there: Soft lightning, massage bed, oriental design, shower and very clean area.

I am thinking again that the idea only; to know that I can get a massage right inside my complex is quite nice. I am not sure how often I would use it, but hey, that’s me and I know that there are many massage fans out there.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

I am pretty much done with the SPA area. Im feeling quite satisfied, it’s clear that the trend of adding such an area to a complex (quite popular nowadays in this region) has found it’s appeal in Clients. Each newly built complex comes with an even better SPA area and this one makes no exception.

I see a toilet for handicapped persons. They haven’t thought about the access to the swimming pool, but good enough to see that they have done it inside.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

The changing rooms are well sized, clean and in order, exactly as in a good fitness centres.

Time to head to the Restaurant;

Personally, not being a great cook, and not quite liking to cook either, I feel like this area would have been one that I would often visit J

The restaurant is not huge, but well sized enough to sit many persons all at one. I like the decoration, and materials used. It is clear that the restaurant is ready to run, but will probably be active later.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Right next to the restaurant area, I find the management office. This is good.. Up to some years now, developers didn’t leave any space for a proper management office, and I am happy to see that the trend is changing rapidly now. I like the fact that someone will be here permanently, looking after issues that might happen in the complex and/or in the apartments. There is nothing more annoying than running after a caretaker for simple issues.

Yes, I like how they have done this area, and it is now time to leave the area to finally check our apartment.

Just a last word about the entrance to the blocks:

There are separate entrances for each block (all with a code and/or with a card), or, should you wish to, from the main entrance, where you have to reach your block via the SPA and Recreational areas.

We head to the elevator of B Block, to reach our apartment we have chosen for today.

Our apartment is the No: 15, on the 3rd floor.

The reason why we have chosen this apartment is because it is the most affordable 2-bedroom apartment in the whole complex with a price tag of 73.500 EUR.

The apartment is south and east facing. The Developers brochure tells me that the apartment have a living surface of 86 m2.

Good quality, white entrance door. Nothing impressive, I know this kind of doors, and they are commonly used in this region.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

We open the door, and check the entrance area.

The entrance seems a bit tight to me. On my left an area probably designed for a cupboard to place shoes and other things. Practical but it will definitely narrow down the entrance area.

I check the fuse box, which looks damaged. The cover seems not to close properly.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Right next to the entrance door, the intercom. A screen is directly connected to the main entrance of the building, allowing me to see who is ringing my door.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

I enter the living room.

My first impression still doesn’t change. It looks a bit small to me, or at least I would expect a larger living room from a 2-bedroom apartment. This living room seems rather like one you would find in a 1-bedroom apartment.

The living room is also where the kitchen is, which makes it an open plan kitchen and living room from this area.

I start to check the kitchen

Emerald Towers Avsallar

I am not impressed with the materials, but not disappointed as well. This is a typical kitchen, as anyone would expect from an apartment in this price range. I’m thinking if the kitchen sink could have been a bit more fancy, but well, this one seems OK.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

The kitchen has enough storage area, and you can place there a fridge, dishwasher, oven, cooker and a suction fan. However, attention, there is no piping for the suction fan to take the smell outside, and you should buy a fan with a device that keeps and cleans smells inside the device.

White goods are not included in the price, so to give an approximation; you would have to spend nearly 2500 EUR extra for all the machines (SIEMENS Brand).

Time to look back to the living room.

The living room opens directly to the front balcony via 2 doors. I like that. During summer time most of the time will be surely spend on the balcony.

The whole living room has only one electrical plug installation, along with TV Satellite and Internet/Phone plugs.

That annoys me a bit. I would have like to have some plugs on the other wall as well. That would be quite practical and avoid me to use extension cords if I want to put there a lamp, or even charge my mobile phone or other electrical devices.

I’m thinking now of how I could possibly furnish my living room. There is not too much space, but with some subtle touch, a nice cosy decoration can be obtained. I would probably put an L-shape sofa to the left side, a coffee table, a TV table on the right side.

Looking to the size of the living room, it would be a bit of a trouble to put a large dining table, but I think that one for 4 persons would do the trick.

The air conditioner is already installed and included to the price. That is a nice small touch from the developer.

All and all, I am not satisfied with the living room. It would be enough to accommodate a couple with one child, but definitely would start to cause some troubles as the number of guests grow.

I’m heading now to the balcony.

That is a fairly nice sized balcony. I was not expecting any views to the sea, so what I see doesn’t come as a surprise

Emerald Towers Avsallar

I feel like I can spend some nice evenings on that balcony. It is not huge, but still, well spaced, and the design of it is good enough to install a table and put some chairs around.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

It’s time now to check the bedrooms. I head first to the guest bedroom and will check the master bedroom after.

The guest bedroom size doesn’t surprise me. It isn’t smaller or larger than what I was expecting. It is good enough to put 2 single beds, but I think that it will hardly be enough to install any cupboards larger than a 2 door one.

The air conditioner is also installed and ready to run in the guestroom.

My feelings about the guest bedroom are a bit confused. It has a size that seems sufficient enough to accommodate 2 persons, but will definitely look a bit tight once furnished. Is that a problem? Well, actually not really if it’s only a sleep&leave room, where the only goal is to find a comfy bed where to sleep only, and not use it specifically as a personal space.

Emerald Towers Avsallar

Time to check to the master bedroom.

The first detail that catches my attention is the interesting design of the master bedroom. The bedroom has kind of an L shape design, with on the left corner and empty space. I have some hard times to figure out the reason for this emptiness. I come to understand that it is probably there as an open-plan dressing room.

Emerald Towers Alanya

The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with smoky windows. There is inside a descent size shower and a toilet.

Emerald Towers Alanya

The master bedroom is sufficiently large despite the interesting design of it.

The room also opens to its own balcony.

The balcony has a descent size. However, all the machines from the A/C units have been regrouped there.

Emerald Towers Alanya

Most of the new complexes built in this region now take a different approach to this visual annoyance by hiding the units. I would have liked and also expected such a move here as well.

I am moving now to the last area I haven’t checked, the communal bathroom

The communal bathroom is right in the middle of the corridor leading to both the master bedroom and guest bedroom.

Once again, I have the feeling that it is a bit small, and would have expected something bigger. On entrance, I find on my left side, the sink and a small utility chest and the arrangements for the washing machine to be placed there, in front of me a toilet and on my right the shower.

The electrical water heater has also been installed and ready to run. I like that one.

Emerald Towers Alanya

All and all, the communal bathroom is practical, although I would have expected something a bit bigger.

I am done with the in-depth check of the apartment and the complex as a whole, but one major detail to be checked still remains: 

The Beach!

The beach is down the road we came from. Can it be accessed by walking? Sure it can, and will take probably 10 minutes before reaching it. Those of you that are too lazy to walk can also easily go to the beach with a bicycle or by car, and the time will obviously considerably be reduced.

Emerald Towers Alanya

So what are my thoughts generally about this complex?

I always think that there are 3 main criteria’s to consider when judging a property:

  • The apartment itself
  • The complex
  • The neighbourhood

So here are my thoughts about each of them;

The Apartment

I like:

  • Nice and clean finishing
  • 3 A/C units and water heater included
  • Nice size balconies

I don’t like:

  • Small living room
  • Tight communal bathroom

The Complex

I like:

  • Excellent SPA and communal areas
  • Large outdoor swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Kids Club

I don’t like:

  • Small garden
  • Water slides falling directly to the main swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Modest garden

The neighbourhood

(I will in the future write several articles about different towns of Alanya, and of course take some time about Avsallar as a whole as well)

 I like:

  • Newly developing area, with many freshly completed modern holiday complex around
  • Easy access to and from the beach
  • Peaceful and quiet area

I don’t like:

  • Far from both Avsallar city centre and Alanya
  • Few social and/or commercial amenities around


I have some mixed feelings about this complex and the apartment.

I am truly impressed by the communal areas, the SPA, the chilling room, and the service offered in the complex. However, I feel in the middle when considering the apartment. I would have expected it to be a bit more spacious, and can’t get over the feeling that a 2-bedroom apartment should have had more living surface.

Would that be a problem if the apartment were for holidays only?

Well I think that it won’t be an important issue. The meaning of being on holiday is to spend most of your time outside, getting tanned under the lovely Alanya summer sun, swimming, visiting the area etc.. Home would be than a place where to get some rest, eat and drink and sleep. The next day you start all over again.

The apartment itself might look a bit tight, and would need some imagination on how to accommodate more than 5 persons at once. But on the other side, isn’t that what would also make it more fun.

As for the price tag of 73.500 EUR;

I sincerely think that the price justifies itself when considering the apartment and the complex as a whole. Few other places will give you such an opportunity, where to find a 2 bedroom in a complex with so many facilities.

Time to leave Emerald Towers. I know that I will keep a positive impression of it. I need now to compare it with another project, and already have started my searches.

See you soon with another “Editor’s pick of the week” which will probably be the continuation of this first blog ;)

Small Note: Do you have a preferred property in Alanya you would like us to go? Or would you like us to write about some specific details when investigating a project? If yes, don’t hesitate to send us a message with your requests ;)

Are you interested in buying an apartment in Emerald Towers? 

Then give us a call on 0090 242 522 22 66 or send us an email at

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