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Apartments for sale in Side

Our favorite apartments for sale in Side

Apartments for sale in Side

While for some it’s the Mediterranean sun, for some it is the beautiful long beaches; no matter what the reason is, the number of foreign expats buying property in Turkey is at an all time high. A lot of them are purchasing it for the purpose of investment and later rent it in the summer season for additional income, while many others use it as their holiday home.

If you too are impressed with the beauty and a unique lifestyle of Turkey, there are many different places where you can plan to buy an apartment here. Read more

Luxury and affordabe real estate in Side

One of the most beautiful locations in Turkey worth considering is Side. The resort town lies close to Manavgat, and is about 80 kilometers from Antalya city center. It is one of the most  famous holiday destinations in Turkey and has multiple beaches and historical sites. In the recent years, a large number of English, Finnish, Norwegian and Scandinavians have purchased properties in Side.

Buying apartment in Side

While penthouses and villas in Side are popular among tourists, when it comes to buying a  property in Side, it’s the apartments that are most preferred by buyers. You will find an abundance of apartments for sale  in Side and the ones close to the beaches are in extremely high demand. The best option is to search for apartments that are still in their construction stage. While the cost will not vary a lot from an already constructed apartment, you can save a decent amount of money.

Apartments in Side with stunning views

With the growing economy of Antalya and people from all over the world considering Turkey as an excellent holiday destination, the price of property has increased in the recent years. However, once you own a luxury apartment for sale in  Side and give it out on rent, in a year you can easily earn about 6-10% of the total amount your pay for the apartment. If as an investor believe that property is very expensive here, think again as the property rates are said to increase a minimum of 8% every year.

Where to buy apartment in Side

Side itself is a petty small place and as simply divided in four directions with the town center in between. There is not a lot of difference in the property rates throughout Side, however, some of the modern projects are much more expensive than the average property rates. You can buy apartment in Side near the town center if you want to be in close proximity to the markets, shopping centers, and restaurants. Apartments near the beach are highly valued and also provide much better rental returns. You can consult with any good broker in Side to find the apartment as per your needs and budget.

Apartment prices in Side

The average apartment price in Side for a standard 1-bedroom apartment is 60.000GBP With the increase in the number of investors who want to purchase flats for  sale in Side, a large number of projects are under construction. The modern flats, apartments and villas in Side have all the facilities that you can expect from any world-class construction projects.

If you want to buy a cheap apartment for sale in Side, there are also many options where you get to share a swimming pool with another apartment owner. Once you purchase an apartment in Side, it is not very difficult to find someone who would be interested to live in your house on a rental basis. Moreover, there are also many apartments that come with a rental income guarantee. This highly works in the favor of investors or homeowners who are looking for an additional source of income and also want a holiday home. As the rates of property will only slide in the upper direction in future, it is best time to buy an apartment in Side.

Luxury apartments for sale in Side

Side offers multiple apartment options to suit the needs of every buyer. While many buyers prefer a standard 1 or 2-bedroom apartment, many of them prefer a spacious luxury apartment for sale in Side. Needless to say, they are much more expensive than standard apartments but also come with their own share of benefits.

First of all, a spacious luxury apartment is a perfect holiday home if you have a big family. Moreover, you will also be able to invite your friends and relatives over to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Also, bigger houses generate increased rental income as compared to smaller apartments. They are generally located close to the coastline and you can easily find multiple parties who would like to rent your apartment, especially in the summer months.

Cheap Apartments for sale in Side

The eastern part of Side is known for cheap apartments for sale in Side. Even though the price of apartments here are a little less as compared to areas near the beach or town center, most of these modern apartments come with an abundance of facilities. There has been a remarkable rise in the number of buyers who are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Side and as a result, the number of markets, shops and restaurants around these areas has also increased.

New projects in Side

If the cost of apartments are too expensive for you but you still need to purchase one, one of the best option is to look into the new projects in Side. With the improvement in the economy and the increasing number of tourists, a large number of new projects have took-off in Side to attract the buyers. While the property rates of Side are a little on the expensive side, you can get a fair deal if you look into new projects  in Side. While it can be difficult for you to know in great detail about the best places for buying an apartment  in Side, hiring a property agent can be an excellent option.

The beauty of the beaches and the Mediterranean climate of Side are attracting thousands of buyers from all across the world. If you are looking to buy a holiday home at an international location which can also function as an additional source of income, Side can be an exceptional choice.

Found 3 Properties For Sale in Side
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